Thursday, June 29, 2006

Justice for Filipino-Canadian killed by Canadian Police

From the Coalition of Concerned Filipino Organizations in Japan. Please sign if you support this initiative:

Mga kapatid,

Humihingi ng tulong ang mga taga Canada for solidarity support sa Filipino-Canadian na pinatay ng police sa Canada and below is the draft statement. The below listed names ay mga confirmed pipol against the political killings of fake president Arroyo that is proposed to be formed as Filipino coalitions in Japan. If you agree on the statement with your names with it just let it be. Otherwise, please let me know so it could not be mentioned.

There is also a proposal for all of us to meet on July 23 sa Maryknol center yotsuya at 3pm para natin pag-usapan ang proposed formation ng Filipino Coalition in Japan to Stop the aid to the fake, repressive, corrupt etc government of Arroyo. Please let us know the confirmation of your attendance.

Hopeful na may isang pinoy lawyer na tutulong sa atin to clear about the human rights conditions in the Philippines and on impeachment case na isinalang ngayon sa kongreso. Will let you know later if we able to confirm the pinoy lawyer availability.

Labs ko kayong lahat.


Message of Solidarity by the Filipino Community in Japan

to the Family of Jeffrey Reodica and the Justice for Jeffrey Coalition

July 30, 2006

The Filipino Community in Japan wishes the family of Jeffrey Reodica and all those involved in the Justice for Jeffrey Coalition in Canada the success in its continuing efforts to let the truth out and let justice prevail. The case of Jeffrey is a very important component of the struggle against police violence and racism in Canada.

We have been monitoring the results of the coroner’s inquest for the past days. As more information is revealed, the results of the original investigation two years ago by the Special Investigations Unit (S.I.U.) become really suspect. It is truly mind-boggling to witness how the S.I.U would have exonerated these police officers while many of the witnesses have clearly testified that Jeffrey did not posses any threat to them and that contrary to procedure, these suspect police in plainclothes did not even identify themselves.

After two years of being denied justice, we may have the opportunity to finally let the truth out. In this regard, we are with you in pursuing the Coroner’s Inquest in the hope that it will aid the struggle for justice for Jeffrey and all those who have been victimized by police brutality and systemic racism.

As well, we are enraged by the fact that the Philippine Consulate has not seriously come to the aid of this case since Day One. The inutility of the Philippine government to protect its constituents overseas is definitely an additional injustice. We are one with you in demanding their immediate action to support the campaign or else face the ire not only of the Filipino community in Canada but also here in Japan.

Rest assured that we will continue to keep an eye on the developments of the justice campaign for Jeffrey because we believe that this is not only a case for our compatriots in Canada but is also a telling fact of the conditions of overseas Filipinos and immigrants in other countries, even here in Japan. Racism, state repression, police brutality, exploitation and violation of human rights and workers’ rights are universally experienced in varying forms and degrees by migrants and immigrants of various nationalities.

Your struggle is also our struggle. Let us continue to seek justice wherever we may be!

Signed by leaders of Filipino communities in Japan

Cesar V. Santoyo

Executive Director, Center for Japanese-Filipino Families

Yuko Takei

Chairperson, Philippine Women's League of Japan

Rossana Tapiru

Tokyo Chapter Chairperson, Migrante Sectoral Party

Agalyn Nagase

National Chairperson, Kalipunan ng mga Filipinong Nagkakaisa (KAFIN)

Chiquette Tanisaki

Coordinator, Philippine Center at Maryknoll

Anita Sazaki

President, Christian Association of Traditional Lay Evangelization

Teresita Vida Beltran

Saitama Chapter Chairperson, Kalipunan ng mga Filipinong Nagkakaisa (KAFIN)

Jocelyn Hasumi

Saitama Chapter President, Philippine Women's League

Alison Opaon

Yokohama Chapter President, Kalipunan ng mga Filipinong Nagkakaisa (KAFIN)

Cora Kasuga

Chairperson, Filipina Circle for Advancement and Progress

Virgie Ishihara

Executive Director, Filipino Migrants Center in Nagoya (FMC)

Nestor Puno

Teacher, Ecumenical Learning Center for Children (Nagoya)

Neddie Codog

Missionary, Urawa Catholic Open House International Center

Noemi Oba

President, Philippine Society in Japan

Lori Ligon

Chairperson, Campaign for the Confirmation of Nationality of Japanese-Filipino Children


schumey said...

I heard about this several months back. It seems that some officials should face the music with this incident. Thanks Yuko for helping the Filipinos in your own way. You may be in Japan but the compassion you extend to us is very admirable, unlike the administration here who closes its eyes to the suffering of our people.

Yuko Takei said...
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Yuko Takei said...


I may be Japanese since I can remember even when I carried a Philippine passport, but no one can deprive me of the special affection I still have for the land of my birth, the Philippines, even when I decided to take advantage of holding on to what I felt was my birthright as a Japanese.

My mother has worried about me reading and watching what happen to those who oppose the crooked government in the Philippines worry about me, but I have assured her thatI am safe. My connection with the police here as an interpreter makes it doubly safe for me to enjoy my basic rights as guaranteed by our Constitution, and no one has any right to tell me what I do and say in accordance with the law and rights and duties as a law-abiding citizen of Japan.

Fatalistic me, on the other hand, believes that as long as I do what God wants me to, I will be safe because God is on my side and will protect me.

I have met a woman who was stabbed by some Filipino killer for hire 13 times, but she did not die, and I thought that it must be for a reason. That woman was actually choking a lot many of her fellow Filipinos in debts for them to wish her dead, but she lived.

I thought that if God has granted that woman another lease to life, surely, he would grant me the same opportunity to make the most of the time He would give me.

Doing something for the Philippines that may in fact reflect on Japan as in the case of the advocacy I support regarding the stopping of the deployment of Filipino women to Japan disguised as entertainers and now as "caregivers," is actually just one of them that I offer to God for the benefit of my fellowmen to make my life on earth worthwhile!

vic said...

Thanks schumey, I'm now able to post on yuko blog now and in the process I'll be competing with my niece since I end up creating my own blog, still have lot to learn, cuz i still don't know how to excute link and I hope my teenage niece will be kind enough to show me how. Too lazy to learn these things on my own. A promised laptop for her b-day 5 days to go will do the trick. She's coming with his big bro from california next week for a visit, their first since they move to the u.s. Dec. 05 from manila.
yuko, the Jeffrey's inquest is adjourned for the rest of the summer. Until then we will not be hearing more, since the papers here are not inclined to get critizized for trying to undermine the inquest. At the resumption of the inquest on Sept.12, you may get the update from the three major dailies here. they are; 1. 2. 3.TheGlobe and Mail. May go for another 2 to 3 weeks. I don't know when the civil case starts, but usually it is settled out of court and the settlement (the amount) remains private. The way I see the case developed, the Police
Services Board (meaning us taxpayers) is ready to settle as always the case. The Police Union (they are quite strong) may put up a token fight just to save face, but in this case it's very clear the officer made a very hasty and inappropriate decision, that he himself will be regretting after 16 years of service, not without a few minor controversies that could have been corrected before this tragic event. I'm not sure if the Coroner will allow to bring the past controversies involving the subject officer. We will just have to wait and see, because the ball is in the hand of the Coroner at this Very Moment.. thanks..

Yuko Takei said...

Thanks, Vic. I know my friends in this sign campaign will be happy to get updated on the case.

Yuko Takei said...

BTW, I cannot get to Ellen's blogsite. I tried to get to Schumey's, and it was fine. I haven't tried to go to Anna's.

Do you know what's happened, Schumey?

ellen said...

I like your blog, especially the title. I'll link this to mine.